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As a member of the Bell House family,
You are part of something bigger than yourself. Welcome!


Every Honors student is also a member of an Honors House.


Every year, each entering student admitted to the Honors College is randomly sorted into one of the four Honors Houses, to which you will belong for the duration of your time at Tech, and beyond.


Each of the four Houses has a Founder for which it is named.


In addition to its namesake, each House also has a defining characteristic -- one of the four pillars of the Honors College -- Knowledge, Integrity, Service, and Courage. Read more about the namesake of Bell House here.


Bell House provides you with a smaller community within Honors and at TTU.


Texas Tech is a large university, and the Honors College is growing too; your membership in an Honors House gives you a smaller group with which to connect and a place of belonging.


Each member of Bell House can be a strong part of the House's success and growth!


You can earn points for Bell House by telling us about your own achievements, leadership, and service. You'll earn a lovely Bell House scarf for garnering House points and attending events!


You can be as involved as you wish to be in House activities, events, and leadership.


We understand that there are many ways our Honors students can connect themselves to Honors and the university, and Bell House is just one of the many places you can build a smaller community here on the TTU campus.


One of the four Houses wins the House Cup each year.


In May of every year, the House which has accrued the most points earns the honor of winning the beautiful House Cup, which resides in the foyer area of McClellan Hall. Bell House was the proud winner of the House Cup competition in May 2015 and again in May 2016!